Top 5 Data Recovery Cases of 2020

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What all are the top 5 Data Recovery Cases of 2020

In today’s business world, data holds immense value and directly impacts the success of an organization. That is why data security is crucial in preventing data loss, which is quite frustrating and can stop business operations due to corrupt files and system damages. Online threats are on the rise as hackers are developing more sophisticated ways to sabotage data in large and small organizations. Whether you have a PC, Mac, or a mobile device, you can be attacked by various types of viruses and malware that can compromise sensitive data for criminal purposes. Not only do systems face online threats, but also physical damages, such as fire incidents, water, or theft. Hence, it is essential to have a reliable backup plan with quick disaster recovery strategies. Visit to get effective backup solutions for your business at reasonable rates.

Even with sophisticated antivirus software, computer systems can become vulnerable to attacks at some point. External threats occur when you least expect; individual users to CEOs of large organizations may become victims of data loss due to various reasons. However, with a data recovery plan in place, you can retrieve your information without suffering significant setbacks.

Let us take a look at the top data recovery cases that occurred in 2019.

Cooked Hard drive

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During a trip on a private yacht, a husband and wife stored all their electronic devices in a small, portable oven for protection against lightning. However, after a few days, the husband cooked chicken in the oven after leaving the external hard drive by mistake. The heat melted the hard drive. Fortunately, the couple recovered all the data in the hard drive. No file was lost despite being fried in the oven.

Crushed Mobile Device

A mobile device was balancing in a balcony while the user was capturing the sunset. Suddenly, the wind blew it off, and it fell off from the eighth floor, crashing to its death. The mobile device got partially repaired to enable full data recovery. The experts also recovered the video recording of the fall.

MacBook recovery – Aircraft crash

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A MacBook with highly classified company data was in an aircraft crash. The system was damaged due to the fire that engulfed the airplane, water, and a combination of jet fuel and smoke that caused contaminations. The SSD card contained crucial information that had to be recovered.

It was a complicated recovery due to the degree of the damage. But, the engineers involved used special tools to clean and replace parts of the motherboard. After reconstruction, the data recovery was successful.

Hard Drives Soaked in Bleach

Data Recovery Cases

Burglars broke in an Australian small business that had RAID systems. The owner did not find the four hard drives from the system after the incident and assumed that they were stolen. After two weeks, the owner found the drives in a bucket that had bleach, meaning they had soaked for two weeks.

Data recovery experts cleaned and imaged the corroded drives for the building of logical structures. The specialists recovered 100% on RAID and 99% on RAID5 systems.

Ransomware Attack on IT Firm

Hackers attacked a German company with ransomware and crippled 100 servers. The attackers proposed a ransom of more than EUR 400,000, and the law enforcement officers were unable to classify the type of ransomware. It was concluded to be a targeted attack since it was brutal. The attackers deleted files in 50 drives, which damaged six logic unit numbers (LUN).

However, specialists managed to recover 100% of files in the Resilient File System (ReFS) and NTFS through successful data extraction.

Here are the top 5 data recovery cases from which you can learn. It’s always better to learn from others’ mistakes instead of your own. Keep your data safe and ensure a robust backup for emergencies; it’s a guarantee of data bulletproof data security.

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