What Does It Means To Be An Illustrator?

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Illustration is one of the most trending jobs today. As an illustrator, your work involves the production of original creative visuals for publications like children’s books, newspapers, magazines, and advert. If you are good at accessories and sketching, you can become a fashion designer or an illustrator.

As a fashion illustrator, you may be interested in communicating your ideas to the fashion industry via fashion illustrations.

An illustration gives more life to design and fashion. With a college degree in illustration, you can become a freelance fashion illustrator designing things like children’s books, restaurant walls, and product packaging.

Who is an illustrator?

There are many definitions of an illustrator, but one that stands out is that an illustrator is an artist who creates original designs for commercials by using a pencil, pen, brushes, and other digital programs.

As an illustrator, your work will involve drawing and sketching a lot of different themes on computer and paper.

Sometimes you will be hired to work with a marketing professional to show your marketing ideas by designing a business logo or work for business development.

You can partner with top illustration agencies to start your career as an illustrator.

What illustrators do?

There is a lot that an illustrator can do. Today, we see illustrators in different places like comic books, children’s books, magazines, and newspapers. Most people believe that an illustrator spends most of their time drawing on paper and a computer. The truth is that there is a lot that they do.

What Does Illustrator Do

Most people are already employed as graphic designers specializing in illustration. You can also work as a medical illustrator drawing images for the human body and creating 3D models. If you are in the business profession, your work may also involve business branding.

What are the job opportunities for an illustrator?

As an illustrator, there are many job opportunities available for you. You can work in different industries like publishing, fashion, graphic design, science, and the medical field. Here are some job opportunities available for you as an experienced or qualified illustrator.

Advertising illustrator

you can work on packaging, product illustration, storyboard, and animation. You may also create illustrations for advertising products and small businesses. You are most likely to be working with a digital program in this field.

Publishing illustrators

You will be involved in creating art for editorial and art books. You can also create art for newspapers and online magazines, news, and other relevant publications.

Fashion illustrator

What Does It Means To Be An Illustrator - Fashion illustrator

In the fashion industry, a fashion illustrator is like a graphic designer. Your work will revolve around coming up with creative ideas for jewelry, clothes and other accessories. You will be working closely with other fashion designers to produce fashion products.

Medical illustrators

If you want to become a medical illustrator, you will need some knowledge of biology. You also need proper training in some programs which combine art training and medical studies.

You are free to start your medical illustration projects after being fully certified. With this kind of job, you will be playing a critical role in improving the well-being and health of your community.

What makes you a good illustrator?

What makes you a good illustrator

How do you know if you are a good illustrator? Here are some of the qualities you should have as a good illustrator:

Be keen on color

you should be able to differentiate all the shades of grey, have an eye for colors, and know which elements are critical to your illustration.

Create original content

It is not easy to force creativity. As an illustrator, being creative and original in your work makes you stand out from the rest.

Effective in communication

You should be able to communicate with your clients and negotiate better terms for the project you take.

Final Thoughts 

There is more involved in illustration. If you want to become an illustrator, you should get the right education and choose where to specialize. What makes you a good illustrator is being creative and offering original, authentic, and quality projects.

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