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Why Cosmeticium is best for DHI Hair Transplantation?

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For most of the persons, Hair is their main confidence. Once they notice about falling and minute blading tend them in stress.

One step solution for your hair loss. Contact Cosmeticium immediately to regain your hair’s natural look. Cosmeticium provides adequate aidance to their patients who come for hair transplantation.

The main vision of Cosmeticium is to give rise to the advanced technology in hair transplantation with an elevated level of vigilance.

As one of the best hair transplant in Turkey, Cosmeticium contributes to knowledge about hair transplantation which helps patients to understand the best hair fall treatment.

DHI Hair Transplant - Cosmeticium

DHI Hair Transplantation at Cosmeticium

  • We pledge Over 90% of graft survival for dense and natural hair after DHI
  • Cosmeticium offers the best adequate solutions without any pain or scars to the patients
  • The DHI hair transplantation is performed by best Cosmeticium surgeons
  • With the extra care of the patient we use DHI pens as one time use of each patient for their safety

Advantage of DHI Transplantation in Cosmeticium

Followings are the advantages of DHI hair restoration technique compared to  FUE and FUT

  • It takes less time for collecting and replacing the hair follicles
  • No bleeding occurs in the recipient area
  • Need less time of absorption and the patient can recovery back soon to their normal routine
  • The patient no need to shave

Why Cosmeticium ? 

Safe and secure

Cosmeticium follows strict protocols and guarantees 100% safety at all level of the process. The surgeons in Cosmeticium are well experienced about DHI. More info at

No Pain 

In the nonsurgical procedure, Surgeons use a micrometer pen for collection and plantations. Entire process is handled by giving low level of anesthesia which makes the treatment ease and the patient doesn’t feel any pain during the session

No scars

In DHI hair replacement we implant the hair follicles in the marked area for the natural growth. It doesn’t make any scars or marks.

Natural Look

Gives 100% natural look with full depth control

Services in Cosmeticium

 Cosmeticium gives limelight to the person who needs

  • Front line transplantation 
  • Bladed persons 
  • Eyebrow corrections 
  • Beard /mustache plantation 
  • For persons who don’t want to shave 
  • Patients who lost their hair due to alopecia

Hair Transplantation Process in Cosmeticium

Taking hair grafts from the donor area and transplant it into the recipient area

  1. Extraction 

The hair follicles are collected from the donor area with the special disposable DHI needle and kept in a separate frame for the testing.

  1. Transplant

Now with the help of DHI implanter directly surgeons will plant the extracted hair follicles to the bladed area. The implanter tool comes with diameter of 1mm which does’ not cause any damage or hurt to the scalp.

  1. Result

Now you can sense the density of natural growth. This is the lifetime result so no need to worry about the hair fall in the future.

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