Top 10 Crypto Friendly Banks in the UK

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Initially, cryptocurrencies were invented to substitute for the banking system and provide a reliable method for transactions. Also, cryptocurrencies were designed in such a way that they did not need any centralization or a central bank.

Although cryptocurrencies were intended as a different organization or a means of transactions and dealing with your money, cryptocurrencies would not have been a success without the support and help of banks. The hassle-free and straightforward transactions have offered millions of users an opportunity to try their luck in cryptocurrency exchanges.

Still, it is a considerable issue to convert fiat currencies to crypto without any problems, and the digital currency market is especially in countering these problems. Countries like Malta and India are so problem posing that the banks there do not even accept cryptocurrencies. Not only this, but the additional problem in this field is that the employees are not qualified enough to deal with these typical concepts of digital currency and the crypto market.

So when your cryptocurrency is no more a legal tender, or you can say it is not tradable anymore, then you need to look for such banks that are crypto-friendly and that are leveraging a stance of legality.

These banks accept digital currency for exchanges and allow crypto transactions, and bitcoin trading that becomes a handy thing for those who use cryptocurrency is neither a legal tenure nor an illegal concept anymore. You can easily start trading with

Hence we bring you top banks in the UK that are the friendliest with cryptocurrencies currencies and should be the most helpful in a condition discussed above.

Top 10 Crypto friendly banks in the UK

1. Solaris bank

Solaris Bank

Solaris is a well-organized bank that not only offers you Cryptocurrency transactions but also offers you crypto custody; other features that are provided by this bang include management of recurring payments.

Solaris bank is continuously working in collaboration with various cryptocurrency platforms and is researching on creating an excellent end-to-end infrastructure for digital assets and cryptocurrencies. In early 2021 the Bank launched a regulated crypto custody service according to a brokerage and trading application programming interface. This Bank might seem to be very helpful to you in terms of bitcoin trading and digital assets.

2. Dukascopy Bank

Dukascopy Bank

By allowing leveraged CFD trading on price movements and its derivatives or value estimations, Dukascopy bank is one of the most favorable banks by crypto investors In the UK.

The banks suggest the users not use digital wallets for transactions, by doing so, safeguards them from cyber security reasons that are related to cryptocurrency.

3. Orounda Bank

Orounda Bank

Around Bank was founded in 2015. This Bank has a target to achieve the Milestone of becoming a seating financial provider in the global growth market and to get famous and renowned.

It attracts billions of people and millions of merchants as it offers various innovative technologies that make buying and selling online easier: some other benefits provided by this Bank are forex tools and e-wallets.

4. Revolut Bank


Being the most crypto-friendly bank in the United Kingdom, revolut provides you a complete package of all the services that are related to digital and cryptocurrency. Some of the benefits include selling cryptocurrency.

This Bank provides you the appropriate services and serves as an agent to their clients to guide them for investing in bitcoin and provides other clientele services.

5. Wirex Bank


This Bank makes trading exchanging and purchasing products for bitcoin, litecoin, and ether a straightforward task. Choosing this Bank can be a good option and may offer you better trading facilities over other banks.

Having its headquarters in London, United Kingdom, wirex is among the top banks for trading in bitcoin and ether. If you wish to start an account in this Bank, it is noteworthy that the first currency account shall be available and must function as per the UK financial conduct authority.

6. Ally Bank


As we all know, the UK has a considerable number of people who show interest in crypto trading hands; the UK has a great potential for digital banking and crypto trading. Taking this into Consideration, ally bank came into being.

This Bank serves as a combo and provides Leveridge for both traditional banking and crypto banking services in the market. The services offered by the Bank and the Bank itself are totally regulated by UK laws. This Bank provides massive cryptocurrency exchanges in tokens like coinbase. This Bank is available 24×7 at your service and deals through online and digital platforms. Since it works mainly in the online form, you can sit back and relax at your places and deal whatever you wish to in cryptocurrency.

7. Barclay’s


Barclays operates in the UK and in continents such as Australia, Africa,, and North America and hence is among the oldest and leading investment banks in the United Kingdom. This Bank is a bit rigid and does not allow to and fro exchanges to users

May even freeze or close accounts in some cases. However, this Bank allows its customers to sell and purchase cryptocurrencies using their debit and credit cards.

8. Royal Bank of Scotland ( RBS )

Royal Bank

The UK government owns the Royal Bank of Scotland. In the past few years, this Bank has had a positive approach towards cryptocurrency transactions. Similar to Barclays, this Bank also gives an opportunity to buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

9. ClearBank

Clear Bank

Clear Bank took birth from the broken partnership of Barclays and Coinbase. Being similar to most of the other banks in this category, this Bank does not serve as traditional banks and just only teens in the digital market.

10. Natwest


Royal Bank of Scotland is the parent bank of Natwest. This Bank just follows the footsteps of its parent bank and provides almost all and similar services to the Royal Bank of Scotland.

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