Yorkshire Trading – Top 10 Companies For Trading

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The total number of companies in Yorkshire and the Humber region is 468,519, which is 5.8% of the total companies in the UK. The manufacturing industries of this region comprise 9.2% of the total manufacturing industries in the UK. The industries of this area are mainly focused on beverages, food products, metal, and related products. Suffice to say, it is a booming industrial region, where trading is on the rise and it is expected to reap great profits.

The trading companies in Yorkshire are considered some of the best in the UK. These companies range from service providers to technology hubs, from catering services to the legal sector, and from metal industries to home products, they are extremely varied and diverse.  Here is the list of the top 10 Yorkshire trading companies.

Top 10 Yorkshire Trading Companies

1. CSI Leasing

CSI Leasing

CSI Leasing is one of the largest leasing companies on the international platform. It leases technology to its customers. It provides services in IT management, manufacturing sector, legal sector, mass media, and education sector.

It views leasing as a way of gaining benefits from using their equipment, without any conflicts, hassles, and problems. Owning assets worth at least £1.46 billion, its net income is around £37.2 million.

2. Infinity Works

Infinity Works

While only formed in 2014, Infinity Works has become a leading technology company in the UK. It has led to some of the largest technology-driven projects in the government. Infinity Works was recently bought by Accenture.

It has worked consistently to increase and improve digital transformation in the country, engineering, app designing, data science, research and web design, management services, etc. With a per annum growth percentage of 68%, it has been awarded multiple laurels for its efficiency and hard work. Its total asset worth is £28 million while its net income is £19 million.

3. NIC Services Group

NIC Services Group

NIC Services Group is a multi-service and facilities provider. It provides these services to various businesses and corporations for their smooth functioning. Its services range from providing security measures to catering.

Availing daily utilities to cleaning services and from waste management to giving ground services. Its smooth and effective working has been awarded quite a few times. NIC Service Group’s net worth is £2 million and its assets are worth £23 million.

4. SFS Fastening Technology

SFS Fastening Technology

SFS Fastening Technology is a leading building envelope specialist. It is a combination of multiple companies working under the same business. Its working domain consists of fall protection systems, securing fasteners.

Roofing, rain screens, cladding, etc. It provides in-depth technical support to its clients. Its net worth is £15 million and its total asset worth is £20 million.

5. Vizion Network

Vizion Network

Vizion Network provides repairing services to its clients. Established in 2009, it is one of the UK’s largest repair networks. The areas covered by Vizion Network vary from automobiles to quality and exemplary services.

Its services and solutions are of the highest level. It also has the approval and praise of many major manufacturers and companies. Vizion Network’s asset worth is £30 million and its net worth is £4 million.

6. ICD Europe

ICD Europe

ICD Europe deals with metals and their alloys. Its functions involve procuring, processing, supplying, and trading these metals and alloys. Its clientele includes many sectors such as electronics, automotive, medical, aerospace.

Petrochemical, oil, and gas turbine factories and many more. ICD Europe has now established itself in over 50 countries, since its establishment in 1952. Its net worth and total asset worth are £2 million and £13 million respectively.

7. Conservatory Outlet Group

Conservatory Outlet

Conservatory Outlet Group is the manufacturer and distributor of home improvement products. Its services are available in the UK only. It mainly specializes in doors, windows, conservatories, orangeries, porches, roofs, etc.

Its services are considered to be extremely innovative, creative, timely and one of the most sought-after ones. Its turnout grew by 28% in 2021 itself. Its net worth is £4 million and its asset value is £13 million approximately.

8. Major Recruitment

Major Recruitment

Major Recruitment is an independent job provider and consultancy specialist. It aims to provide jobs and employment for job seekers. The organization is split into different divisions, each of which specializes in its respective fields.

Its specialists are spread throughout numerous sectors, who know their fields inside out. These specialists guide and help their clients throughout their recruitment process. The net worth of the company is £293,000 and its asset worth is £7 million approximately.

9. Cyden Homes

Cyden Homes

Cyden Homes are family-run builders of high-quality homes. This real estate company has won various awards for its creation of beautiful homes. It majorly constructs 2, 3, 4, and 5 bedroom houses. It was established in 2006.

It has been awarded by the Local Authority Building Control multiple times for its exceptional and expert building quality. It is known for its friendly and helpful staff and services, and it is highly rated by its clients. Cyden Homes’ total asset worth is £83 million and its net worth is around £60 million.

10. BJSS


BJSS provides technology and engineering consultancy to numerous types of businesses. It aims to provide technological solutions to its clients’ problems. It works with software, data, strategies, AIs, etc.

It also helps in providing aid to their clients in the financial sector, public sector, healthcare services, and social support, as well as in the marketing side of businesses and corporations. Its net worth is £47 million and its total asset worth is £68 million.

Today, Yorkshire is a flourishing trade center. Business seems to be continuously growing in this region. With these amounts of industries in the Yorkshire and the Humber region, it has become a desirable trading spot for manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, investors, and businessmen. It is decidedly set to gain profits in the coming future. Check out oil profit and 1k daily profit review to get started with Crypto investments.

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