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How Safe Is It To Book Express Waste Removals Services Online for Rubbish Removal?

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Nowadays, almost everything has been digitized and we’re doing life online, literally!

As long as you have a Smartphone or laptop and internet connection, you can order for goods and services online, make payments online, and sit back awaiting delivery! Yes, we’re living at an age where mobile phones are no longer tools for calling and texting only; you can research and shop online, and the goods or services will be brought right to your doorstep. But, there are challenges!

The internet is full of cons and scammers, opportunists who’re always preying on soft targets. Here in the UK, thousands of cases are reported each year to the Police, of people that got conned online, by people that posed as genuine business people. When it comes to waste clearance and collection services, how safe is it to make an online booking? Should you make payments in the form of a booking fee, for a service you’ve not received yet? It’s tricky and you’ll have to be very careful from the word go.

Here’s everything you need to know about booking waste clearance services online;

  1. Payments come last; the most important thing to note is that you should never make any payments online before you’ve received the services you asked for. A good waste removal company in London will explain to you what their services include and other details of their services; they won’t ask you for payment until much later. Thus, once you’ve contacted a waste removal company online, take time to find out about their services and if possible, request them to send over a representative of their crew to come over to your premises. Only after the team has inspected the waste that needs to be removed, should you get a quotation.
  2. Physical meet up; in most cases, waste clearance teams in London have sites where you can contact them online. From the site, you can check out their services and contacts, or even submit an online application form. But like aforesaid, don’t rush to make any payments. Once you’ve contacted the company, they’ll mostly get back to you and ask for pertinent questions about the task at hand; where in London are you located? What kind of waste do you have, residential or commercial? Such questions are often followed up by the company sending over their crew to come and inspect the task. This is a good thing as it helps you meet with the team and ascertain whether they’re up to the task or not. Before leaving, you’ll get a free no obligation quotation; you can negotiate and agree on a final price before the actual waste removal commences.
  3. Start with cash; if you’ve just come across a waste removal company you think is right for the job, opt to pay via cash at least the first and second time. Much as most companies nowadays let you pay via Credit Card, PayPal and other online options, take time to interact with the company for a while before trusting them with your personal and banking details. Once the company has proven to be an effective partner in handling all your waste, and you’ve hired them multiple times, then you can now consider paying via online methods. Why not, some companies will even enter into an agreement with you where they remove rubbish from your home or office on certain agreed days, and you’ll be billed at the end of the month.

Express Waste Removals attaches great importance to the values that they’ve founded upon; honesty, professionalism, and client satisfaction. All their online booking and payment methods are safe and secure, protected they’re using the latest encryptions to protect you. Talk to them today for all your rubbish removal needs in London and the surrounding areas.

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