How Businesses Find Web Developers for Startups in 2021

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Have you ever tried to hire developers for startup? It’s not easy. Trying to find web developers for startups can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. Skilled web developers are expensive, rare, and quickly snapped by competitive firms. If you are hiring software developers for a startup or wondering how to find a developer for your startup, web developers in Wakefield have some advice for you.

How to Find Web Developers for Startups?

There are several strategies you can try to find and keep the right talent on your team.

1. Find a Partner

Find a Partner

Start by finding a CTO (Chief Technology Officer). If you are wondering how to find a developer partner for a startup, you’re not alone. Developers are spoilt for choice and won’t leave a steady enterprise job for a startup unless you have a compelling offer. Be willing to offer perks and equity to your developer partner. You should also hire or outsource a business analyst that can help you scope and determine the budget for your web projects.

2. Visit the Right Places

You can find good talent at conferences, hackathons, meetups, and online. You can even host a few events of your own. It takes time, and it can be expensive to pull off, but you might meet your team there!

3. Don’t Just Pitch Your Startup

When you do find a developer, don’t try to sell them on the startup right away. Get to know them a little better. Money isn’t always a draw-card – some developers are looking for flexibility or a challenge. While you figure out how to find software developers for startups, ask yourself what you can offer a developer in terms of salaries and equity.

4. Know What You Are Looking For

Don’t cast the net too wide. If you put out a job ad looking for developers with C++ and Java and PHP or any programming language or mobile experience, you clearly aren’t sure what your requirements are. Moreover, you won’t be able to interview developers accurately if you don’t have the technical knowledge. Get your CTO involved in the recruitment process early on.

5. Look for Senior Developers

Look for Senior Developer

The good news is that you can offer developers better titles than they could have at an enterprise-level company, including the VP of Programming or Engineering Lead. They might have great expertise but can’t step up at their current jobs; you can offer them more responsibility and a better role. Just make sure you can afford the price tag and perks.

6. Ask for Referrals

Ask other startups or developers within your company for referrals that match your goal and your budget. Always be upfront about what you can and can’t offer candidates. Chances are your developers already know a few good programmers they can refer to.

7. Use Freelancers

Use Freelancers

If you have the time and the resources to look for freelancers, you can put out a few feelers on freelance sites like Upwork. Unfortunately, freelancers can be pricey and require a lot of management. They are usually lone wolves, so getting them to work in a team – especially across time zones – can be difficult. However, finding and hiring a freelancer can be easier. With plenty of online courses out there, it’s now easier to get a full stack developer certification with Lumify Learn, so freelancers are in abundance.

8. Use Offshoring Agencies

If you don’t have the budget or resources to hire in-house developers or freelancers, offshoring is your best option. Offshoring agencies have vetted candidates ready to start work. Many offshore developers have excellent qualifications, programming skills and experience, and the ability to communicate in English. The benefit of offshoring, aside from the cost benefits, is that the agency will handle the recruitment, vetting, interviewing, hiring, and payment of the developers on your behalf. Once your developers have completed their work, you can simply end the contract. There are no legal obligations on your part. Look for an agency willing to consult with you and find the developers that match your unique goals and company structure.

Now that you know how to find web developers for startups, you can start looking for your team. Remember to find someone with technical skills to help you compile the job description and scope the work, visit the right places, and ask for referrals. You’ll have a team together in no time!

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