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4 Best Ways to Choose the Right Domain Name for your Business

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Your website domain name represents your identity. Once you step out in the World Wide Web environment, your domain will have to take its stand amidst the innumerable ones that are already prevailing out there. Selecting the ideal and most appropriate domain name can be tricky and tedious. A wrong choice will impact your business as well as search rankings. Though there is a provision of switching over to some other domain but remember your brand name, customers, rankings all are at stay with your existing one.

The above information is not to raise your Goosebumps but it’s advice as well as a cautionary signal which one must not overlook to prevent any mishap.

By the end of this article, you’ll be confident enough to start making your selection for the right domain name for your business. So let’s traverse through the 4 best ways for selecting the right domain name.

  1. Keyword Speaks

Domain name actually is made up of keywords. for example clearly represents that the site is all about authors and their books, novels, poetry etc…while framing your domain name, pay attention to the most important keywords you’ll be using that will represent your company or brand. It not only makes your audience aware but most importantly it plays a significant role in Google search ranking (of course that doesn’t allow you to compromise on the quality of content).

Besides, it’s not easy to get the keywords you desire, as there’s an entire race struggling for the same. So use your creativity, do a mix match and build something that stands out.

choosing a domain name for business

  1. Short Domain Name

With the above keyword, advice don’t attempt to start building a phrase or a sentence. Remember, be short, specific and clear. Advisably, extend your domain length to max 15 characters. Since short names are easy to remember and also much easier to type without error. Check out how comfortable and comprehensible the pronunciation is, by taking help of your colleagues or friends.

  1. Unique and Appropriate

Expand your thinking and choose a name which reveals uniqueness and is best suitable for your brand. Research, explore and build your domain name. Haphazardly making a selection of a few unique combinations of words cannot guarantee that you are the only one thinking differently. Instead of repenting and getting the label of ‘copied’, do check if the similar domain name already exists. Besides, go in for a brand name that has fewer chances of being repetitive rather than common English words.

  1. No to hyphens and Doubles

Keep it alphanumeric. Avoid usage of hyphens which can often result in typo error while typing the domain name. Similarly, another point to be taken into consideration is that don’t involve any continuously repeated letters that is doubled. All these can be a cause of losing traffic.

choosing a domain name

Those committed to some serious work or business may not have ample opportunity and time to research over the right domain name, there are two options which can opt for. First just take the help of domain name generators for fetching clever options or second, go in for a good web hosting plan which offers domain registration. Of course, anyone can go in for these better and quick alternatives at



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