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Why you need to become the face of your brand

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Why should you become the face of your brand? This is a guide which helps you overcome your fears and understand importance of being the leader and face of your brand. When we say Apple, we imagine Steve Jobs. When we say Virgin – it’s Richard Branson. When we say Michael Jordan – it’s basketball. Become the face of your brand and ultimately a legend in the end.

Don’t hide and put your brand out there

It’s so important not to hide from your business but be a leader in everything. Don’t tell your employees to do something that you would never do. If you don’t have employees, then it’s quite obvious. You have to do everything yourself.

Advantages of coming out of the closet sort of speak

Low budget? You don’t need to hire actors to pretend they’re your employees or even management and talk greatly about your company. Why don’t you do it? You’ll save money, time and all the people who know you, will know your business as well. There’s nothing more powerful than passion for something. If people, your potential clients see your passion for what you do and they see your face everywhere, they will more likely to trust you and buy your products, services.


Are you shy being in front of a camera?

Welcome into 21st century, a century of social media. You don’t have to post what you had for dinner and become one of your friends who post their kids’ photos nobody wants to see. Turn social media into a business strategy. Don’t post anything private or personal if you don’t want to. Just business. See social media as your advantage and friend not an enemy. Remember, you decide what to upload and share, nobody is forcing you.

If you don’t post anywhere online, nobody will know about you. If you don’t go to events to talk about your business, nobody will find out. Go out, talk to people, have meetings, get in the press. Get some attention and try to be everywhere. Online, offline.


Videos are very powerful in terms of catching attention and getting the message across quickly and simply. If you have a brand or a small business, talk about it. Be in the videos and present it, it’s your baby. Nobody else has the same amount of love and passion for your business, except you. You created it, you handle it every day, you come up with strategies and you don’t want to say that to the world? Put yourself out there. Imagine Grant Cardone or Gary Vee not having a social media account. Their whole business is standing on their social media profiles.

Nobody was born as an actor

We need to learn everything we know. Acting or actually even speaking to the camera is a craft, a skill. It’s like learning how to use Photoshop. You don’t open it and know exactly what to do and how to do it. You need to learn it. The same applies to talking to a camera. It needs courage and patience.

Try and don’t give up

Try it and the first thing you’ll say is omg, I sound so bad. I’m moving so much. It’s not good. Yes exactly. You have to practice and you have to learn. There are very important rules and tips for confidence and learning how to do it properly and you can learn it in a very short time.

So many business owners approached me and told me they struggle to be in front of a camera. I decided to make myself available for a day in a week to do a personal face to face training with them to teach them how to talk to the camera. For those who are not in London or have troubles with time or want to take it easy at first, I created online video course where I teach all the basic principles and practice in order to successfully becoming confident speaker.

I give examples and I even show how I prepare and how I do my videos. I’m a videographer my whole life but that doesn’t mean I can just film myself and be confident because I’m always behind the camera not in front of it. Working with so many professional actors in my career, I also share tips from them and take you in the behind the scenes of theatre actors and TV presenters.

Don’t be afraid of anything, you just have to give it a go. You can buy my video course or book a face to face video training with me and turn yourself into a video star.

Nicole Venglovicova

Nicole Venglovicova

Media expert at ClickDo. Passionate videographer/photographer with focus on video marketing and social media.
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