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Why you need a video on your homepage?

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I don’t need to explain how much power videos have on the internet. We see them everywhere and it’s the most important call to action besides face-to-face selling. I’m going to talk about how video on your homepage changes the whole selling potential of your products/services.

Videos and more videos

I’m currently focusing on London/UK based clients, but I created videos for business from all over Europe and basically every business knows the strength of videos but not all of them do something about it. I’m not forcing anyone to do videos, but I know one thing for sure. A business/brand that posts videos every single day, for instance Grant Cardone, Gary Vee, is incredibly successful on the market in general. There is a reason why they do it.

Video marketing is almost face-to-face selling. There is a difference but it has almost the same power. When you think about it, movies make us cry or laugh. Sport videos motivates us and we feel a lot of emotions. And exactly emotions are the biggest trigger for call to action. When you have a charity event for instance, celebrities travel to Africa and film those stories of people suffering. Why? Because they know only this way they can get people to really donate. If you just tell them ‘donate’, how many of them will actually donate? When you show them why they should donate and how it helps if they do – they are more likely to do it.

Emotions trigger action

The same applies to your business. If you tell people ‘buy our pizza’, they won’t. If you show them in the video: we have the best pizza in London, hot, endless cheese, so rich on ingredients, crunchy, friendly staff, excellent service and beautiful place. Come in and have a taste. Make them hungry and they will buy it. I recently stumbled upon Nanny Bill’s restaurant and they had a little video on their homepage. I watched it and that was the only thing I needed to decide I wanna go there. I didn’t even check menu or address. All I needed for my action is to watch that video that made me hungry and put me in the mood for some good time with my friends over dinner. So don’t forget, emotions trigger sales.

Imagine how a nice introduction promo video would look like on these pages for example The Scarsdale Tavern, The Churchill’s Arms? Would you visit thesepubs? I  definitely would. Also The Britannia, and as well as Prince of Wales.


If you offer a service, for instance a life coaching, you should have a video on your website where you explain how you help people, the way you speak, also other clients speaking highly of you etc. This builds immediate trust and you have an advantage from your competition. Any product or service you offer should be explained and showed in a video that all the potential customers will see when they land on your website. Look at Nick Hatter website, the best life coach in London – his website is great but I’m missing that personal face-to-face touch with a video. Also Carole Ann Rice has a video but not on homepage.

Practical examples

The example of my client is SCCD Training, they use plenty of videos on their homepage and it works for them very well. As well as Animas Coaching is doing pretty well with the video I think, I really like it.

If you’re a photographer, have a video of you at work, explaining your case studies, projects. Don’t hide behind the camera. People want to see you as a brand. Your work speaks for you but in this city, every second person is a photographer. And many of them have excellent portfolio just like you. You need to differentiate youself from them somehow. You will also save your time and effort this way because people will see your personality and they can judge if they want to work with you. And when they contact you, you already know these are the people who like you and really want to work with you. If your shyness in front of a camera holds you back, you can overcome this by some good practice and expertise which I offer in my online course.

If you want amazing video on your homepage, don’t hesitate to get in touch and see ClickDo Media video production packages for more information.

Nicole Venglovicova

Nicole Venglovicova

Media expert at ClickDo. Passionate videographer/photographer with focus on video marketing and social media.
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