How to Organise a Successful Event?

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Whether you are organizing an event for five people or for 500, it can be very stressful. There’s so much to do, so many tasks to juggle, and of course if you make a mistake organzing the event then everything falls apart and people will blame you for it. Organzing any event to success is going to be something that is terrifying for people, but there are some tips you can follow to make sure whatever event you need to organize is going to be 100% of a success.

How to Organise a Successful Event?

Start Early

Planning an party or event is not something you can procrastinate on, at all. You need to give yourself as much time as possible, even if you are only planning a work party for four or five people. Give yourself a few months not just to plan, but also a chance to make allowances for things to go wrong and for more options to be exposed to you.

How to Organise a Successful Event - Start Early

Instead of trying to slapdash together a party at the last minute, you should ensure that your event has the time to grow and thrive no matter what. Give yourself a few months and you’ll be surprised with both what you can do, and what levels of success your event can reach.

Set Up Your Budget In Advance

One of the biggest problems that people tend to have when it comes to event planning is the budget. It is almost criminally easy to over budget yourself when planning even a small event, which makes bigger events and bigger budgets a nightmare for most people. While you don’t need to have your budget set in stone, you need to figure out what your budget is and also what you need to spend it on.

Keep in mind that a need is going to be anything that will make your event work, and is non-negotiable. A proper venue, some type of catering with fine dining, marketing for your events, and volunteers to help you run the event are going to be extremely important.

Additionally, you should have a portion of your budget be for contingencies and problems, just in case things happen to go wrong. Everything else can go for fun items that will help your event run smoother or be more exciting, but aren’t 100% needed.

Figure Out Your Entertainment

While for some events the entertainment is going to be relatively self explanatory, or will be provided by the guests themselves simply showing up and having a good time, for other events you will need some actual entertainment. Figure out what type of entertainment will be perfect for your event, and then start seeing where you can get it. You might be able to hire locally or you might need to go to a place like the Alive Network to find entertainment, but you need to have it.

Figure Out Your Entertainment

Make sure to factor in your entertainment into both your budget and your venue. You need to know how you will pay for them and also where you will put them so your guests can access the entertainment.

Have Some Sort Of A Timeline

You could have the greatest venue in the world, everything perfectly budgeted, and the best entertainment, but if you don’t have a timeline for your event then everything will fall apart. While some events will naturally wind down or change phases on their own, other events need to have a schedule so you and your guests know when things happen.

Even if your timeline is a basic and simple one, having one will help you feel more in control of the event itself, and will help keep things flowing smoothly.

Market Your Event As Best As You Can

Whether you are sending out flyers, giving out e-vites to your closest friends, or posting about your event on social media for all to see, you need to market your event and have a strong brand for it. Figure out what value you will give your guests, share the purpose of the event (even if it is a simple one like ‘have fun’) and display some of what will happen at the event.

Market Your Event As Best As You Can

Share if their will be free food, a guest speaker, and what type of entertainment you will be offering. The more you can offer the more people are going to come!

Have Fun At The Event

Finally, whenever you go to your specific event, make sure to have fun! You put it all together, so make sure to enjoy the fruits of your labor!

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