Improve the Reputation of a Business With Custom Glass Bottles

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Any business that seeks to sell products or services must present itself to its audience with a unique, coherent, aesthetically beautiful image. To do this it is not possible to use standard or anonymous objects, but it is important to aim for customization. Every detail of the company must communicate its values ​​and its name through a simple but well-designed logo.

Among the various activities, there are those who need to offer customers bottles (especially when you run a restaurant, a bar or a generic catering business) so they must be presented in a certain way. If plastic bottles are offered to customers what one perceives is that the business is not interested in the environment and the climate crisis, many people may not like this and never return to eat or drink in that place.

Glass bottle

Rather than offering the same things that everyone offers, why not invest in ecological and personalized products, in order to increase brand personality? A simple and effective way is to offer Glass Bottles and Packaging, or ecological and personalized bottles with the name of the business, a logo or a symbol that customers can remember.

Glass is one of the most environmentally friendly materials ever. In addition it can also help saving large sums of money and environment, since glass bottles are recyclable and easy to clean. Interest in the environment is growing more and more and it is important that each company does its part by investing in ecological products.

Improve the reputation of a business with custom glass bottles

Why it’s better to abandon plastic forever

Every minute 33 thousand plastic bottles end up in the Mediterranean. This means that every year there are 570 thousand tons of plastic. It is one of the most serious causes of pollution, which gradually led the world towards the climate crisis. Everyone must start to have more awareness, otherwise by 2050 the situation will become so serious as to be irrecoverable. Making a difference in your daily life is possible and not even that difficult: do not create too much waste, sort it diligently, use a bicycle as a means of transport instead of a car, eat less meat and above all stop buying plastic bottles.

Why it’s better to abandon plastic forever

Unlike plastic, glass can be recycled and reused, it lasts much longer and does not pollute, so why choose a harmful material if there is a valid and equally convenient alternative? People struggle to change their habits, but the data speak for themselves and pollution in the Mediterranean Sea has reached record levels due to the waste management systems needed to try and keep it clean.

Buying eco-friendly bottles for your business can make a real difference, as well as being more aesthetically pleasing to the eye for potential customers in all sorts of industries. A glass bottle can have a classic or elegant design, can be washed in the dishwasher, it is impact resistant and keeps liquids in a better state while being aesthetically pleasing.

Customize glass bottles for your business

In addition to the ecological benefits, focusing on custom glass bottles helps a company develop a good marketing strategy. There can be different types of graphic customization, for example you can decide to engrave the company logo or motto, the year in which the business was born and much more. Bottles can be customized not only for water, but also for wine, oil, and all types of drinks that you want to offer in your business.

This conveys consistency, high quality from an aesthetic point of view and it’s easier to memorize a brand name when you see it everywhere! The marketing activity does not take place only with the creation of an excellent menu, flyers or social campaigns, it is important to take care of every aspect that conveys values ​​and personality.

Improve the Reputation of a Business With Custom Glass Bottles

A business that keeps offering customers plastic bottles could face several criticisms and receive negative reviews. So why not please customers, do the planet a favor and save on the price of bottles at the same time?

There is no valid reason to continue using plastic. Catering activities are not the only ones that need ecological bottles. They can also be used in school or university canteens, hospitals and so many other facilities where customers have the possibility to request drinks.

Changing your habits may seem difficult or almost impossible, but in reality it takes very little to improve the health of the planet and ensure a safe place for the next generations to live in. Eliminating plastic is only the first step. If everyone does that, there will be less waste to take care of, less pollution and seas in overall better conditions. Isn’t that already a big change? Even small business should start thinking about it now, if they haven’t already.

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