11 Ways Bike Commuting Can Save Money and Environment

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You know how cars and fuel can negatively impact our environment. Fossil fuel is non-renewable energy and spreads carbon dioxide and other harmful chemicals in our environment. It damages our lungs and is a leading reason behind global warming.

People are looking for alternatives. Regular cars are getting replaced by electric cars. But they can raise another harmful aspect. Thus, bike commuting is gaining popularity. It has some amazing health benefits.

However, bike commuting can save money and the environment in these eleven ways depending on how close you live to your office.

11 Ways Bike Commuting Can Save Money and Environment

1. Comparatively Cheap

The average cost of a new car can range from fifteen thousand to twenty-eight thousand pounds in the United Kingdom. Whereas you only need two hundred pounds to get an average bike.

There’s more. You don’t need any registration for your bike, which saves another round of money. Then you save on your driving license fees, yearly tax, and many more.

It’s always a good idea to get a bike from a shop near you. That way, you can contact the shop whenever you want bike maintenance.

2. It Doesn’t Require Waste Management

It Doesn’t Require Waste Management

You need little to no preparation for waste management. Bikes don’t leave behind any harmful waste. It is safe and green. On the other hand, cars have wastes like silicon, glass and solvents. You might even get fined for not managing car waste.

Some recent bikes have degradable tires, which are environmentally friendly.

3. It doesn’t Cause Smog

It Doesn't cause Smog

Cars release harmful chemicals into the environment while burning fuel. Idle cars can create a massive cloud of smog when stuck in traffic. The radius of this pollution is big. And that stuffed-up smog and fume can damage your lungs significantly.

Smog can block sunlight and harm plant growth. Bikes don’t cause smog and haze.

4. No Carbon Emission

Carbon emission is one of the leading reasons behind air pollution. Carbon dioxide act as insulation. When ultraviolet rays enter our atmosphere, carbon dioxide won’t let them escape. This is known as The Greenhouse Effect. The current situation of air pollution is at an all-time high. And our climate is changing for this.

Bike commuting can cut down carbon emissions. This is an amazing way you can contribute to reducing climate change. There are many ways that can help reduce air pollution. But environment experts recommend choosing bikes before anything else.

5. Government Can Save Money

Our Government spends a hefty portion of the annual budget on disposing of junk and scraps left by cars. Just imagine if that money were to be used for social welfare.

Moreover, cars can disrupt the federal reserve. The cost our Government carries for importing a car can be used in other aspects of the country.

Bikes don’t have any import costs. Our country will financially benefit if more of us start using bikes.

6. Keeps Water Clean

Keep Waters Clean

Car fluids can end up polluting water. We need motor oil, gear oil, and coolant to keep the car functioning. These fluids are harmful and toxic. It can end up in your local pond in many ways.

Motor oil and gear oil are hazardous for aquatic lives. It can clog the drainage systems. Thus, we get exposed to harmful bacteria.

You need to oil the bike chain but the amount is far less than what you need for the car.

7. No Noise Pollution

Cars are a big source of noise pollution. It negatively impacts our wildlife. Behavioral changes in wildlife can disrupt our ecosystem. Furthermore, noise pollution can affect us psychologically. It can permanently damage you to the point where you may end up deaf.

Bikes, on the other hand, are silent. Bike commuting is less likely to disturb your surroundings than a car.

8. No Plastic Waste

No Plastic Waste

About half of the interior of a car is made out of plastic. The type of plastic that is used in cars is far more dangerous than normal ones. Most scrap companies shred these plastics into small pieces.

Microplastics are harmful to our health and environment. It disrupts plant growth. Some studies show microplastics are already present in our system. Experts say future generations are far more likely to get cancer because of this.

Bikes don’t have any plastic. Thus, using more bikes will reduce plastic waste.

9. You Can Save Money

Maintaining a car isn’t cheap. You may end up short with your monthly budget. The car you bought for efficiency can make you end up in debt.

However, you can save a lot of money with a bike. Bikes don’t need regular maintenance except for breaks and chains. But those things can be done at home.

Open a health fund or maybe save that money to start a business.

10. Animal Friendly

Animals are an important part of our ecosystem. You are far less likely to injure or kill an animal while riding a bike. So many people end up killing animals while driving a car.

Animals can still get injured or killed by a bike, but you will have a bigger chance of avoiding that collision.

11. Good for Your Health

Bike commuting is popular for improving lung capacity and heart health. Cycling can help reduce strokes and heart-related complications. Your blood circulation will improve. Cycling also boosts your metabolism.

You won’t need to break much on your medical bills if you have good health. Thus, a bike can give you good health and put you out of future misery.


Bike commuting is environment friendly without any doubt. It can reduce environmental pollution to a certain degree. It is one way to reduce carbon footprints.

Furthermore, it can save time, money, and your precious health. You need less money for maintenance, and you can go anywhere you want with a bike.

If you are already a bike commuter, do remember to spread the things you learned just now. We need to save the Planet together!

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