The Role of Marketing in Climate Change – What Students Think?

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Climate change is one of the dangers that threaten the future of humanity on this planet. We can easily notice the effect of climate change around the globe, even though some countries are more affected than others. Those cities and civilizations that live in coastal areas are affected by rising sea levels and extreme weather events, such as tsunamis and hurricanes.

There are more and more wildfires during the dry season in many countries, such as the USA, Australia, and Greece. Climate change is changing the quality of life on Earth, so the education of any student on this matter is important.

In any school and college around the world, there should be a climate change course where students have the opportunity to learn more about the environment and what they can do to protect it. Marketing has an essential role in climate change. Let’s see what students think about it.

The Role of Marketing in Climate Change – What Students Think?

Writing on Climate Change

Many students have to work on projects or assignments within the broader theme of climate change. But the topics they can write about are diverse. They can look into how can a consumer affect the environment.

Consumerism and climate change are some of the topics we can see in marketing too. A lot of huge brands and companies begin to promote their recycling programs. They collect used clothes and shoes to repurpose them or to use the materials in other clothes.

Writing on Climate Change

But an essential effect on how a country reacts and adapts to climate change comes from its government. Politicians have the power of making new rules that protect the environment. Students might have to write a parliamentary sovereignty essay and explore this topic in depth. These student papers about parliamentary sovereignty offer a great insight into what students think about the current policies and political progress made toward climate change.

The environment, the forests, the seas, the flora and fauna, and the planet, all need to be protected to ensure humanity survives. Not all are aware that if we do not protect the planet, we do not protect our future.

Highlighting Solutions

As the global pandemic forced people to spend more time inside, they started spending more time online. Climate change is pressing issue humanity has been aware of for quite some years. Yet, solutions on a political level are taken late. But each of us can change our habits and lifestyles to eliminate plastic and help the planet.

So, as marketing reaches a lot of people, it can offer the solutions people are looking after. Reducing pollution is one of the things everyone must do. Even though it might seem like a far-fetched goal, it is not. You can find a lot of solutions online that will help you adopt more eco-friendly habits and live your life fully while protecting the planet.

Carbon Footprint

Each human has its carbon footprint. It represents the amount of carbon generated by the activities you do daily. Going to work by car instead of taking a bike or public transportation generates carbon. Buying your vegetables and fruits from supermarkets and not from local producers adds more carbon. But the carbon footprint can be calculated for companies too.

The Role of Marketing in Climate Change - Carbon Footprint

Marketing is the way of making all this information available to the public. A lot of companies have started implementing changes that reduce their carbon footprint. And as each of them has a marketing department, they post these online. This makes other companies do the same thing as this makes their brand more visible in the eyes of the consumers.

Marketing is helping climate change by making information available to the general public. It also helps you choose the companies you want to get a new job at or buy from. As consumers are more preoccupied with making eco-friendly choices, they aim to choose products that protect the environment and do not pollute it more.


Marketing makes information circulate among groups and nationalities. Considering that climate change is a pressing issue we need to find and apply solutions to, marketing can be of great help. Students think that more eco-friendly solutions can be made available through marketing.

And thus, people can adopt habits that protect the environment instead of polluting and destroying it. On top of this, as many consumers want to make eco-friendly choices, they aim to choose companies that care for the health of the planet.

They can find out which these are by searching for them online and following their social media accounts. Marketing makes solutions to climate change more accessible.

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