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If left unseen for a long time, the roof of our house or building can become dirty mainly because of harsh weather, natural debris and can also have a build-up of moss. So, to keep your roof in its best condition and shape, you have to clean it or wash it regularly either by yourself or by hiring professionals. Especially if moss has developed on your roofs, there are high chances that it will damage roofs. Thus, it’s crucial to remove moss as soon as it appears or you cite them. By doing this, you can maintain a functional and exquisite roof, and it will also reduce the risk of leaks and damages on your property. Splash and Sparkle offer one such professional service. This article will focus on how splash and sparkle experts roof cleaning companies are market leaders in moss removal.

Let’s have a look! Splash and Sparkle have been in this roof cleaning business for years now, and they are professional, reliable, and fully insured roof cleaning experts as they have first-hand experience in treating roof moss.

Is Roof Moss Removal Necessary?

Why Roof Moss Removal is necessary

If you know, the weather in the UK is perfect for the growth of significant moss and algae on a roof tile. It all begins when moss spores land on your roof. And if the spores get the proper condition and atmosphere, they will increase in the form of large green patches on the roof. If it remains unseen, the moss will continue to grow and form a carpet-like structure that will soon cover all parts of your roof. So, the question is should you clean your roof? Yes! Of course.

If you let the large patches of moss grow, they will hold water on the roof surface, and the roof will be damaged. In addition, the water trapped in moss patches when freezes will increase the gap between the roof tiles, and thaws will also pull the tiles apart and create more damage in a more extended period. This will cause you expensive repairs and might shorten the lifespan of your roof. Thus, you will be relaxed by appointing a roof cleaning service that includes moss removal as they will use preventive measures to reduce or eliminate the risk of damage.

So, as far as you might know, developing moss on your roof can cause a large amount of long-standing damage. However, the range of damage depends on the type of building material on the roof. Such as,  clay tiles can be shed due to the moisture retained by the moss on its surface. And the damage can increase during winters as the freezing of water causes expansion. And that is why, if you see, clay tiles are often built steep to allow rainwater drainage.

Cement tiles can easily be damaged by moss if the tiles are weak and dusty. Thus, cleaning a cement roof becomes essential to increase the lifespan of the roof surface. On the other hand, drainage pipes and sewers on the building can be blocked by the moss washing down the roof. If collected in large amounts, the trash can break the watercourses because of the added weight. Drainage pipes, when blocked, can expand or burst in the worst situations.

Why To Hire Roof Cleaning Professionals?

Why to Hire Roof Cleaning Professionals

Even though there are several DIY roof cleaning methods, hiring a roof cleaning expert is always the best solution. First, it’s economical. Second, they have all the necessary equipment and experience for roof cleaning and removal service. The most often used  DIY method for roof cleaning is pressure washing. Even if it’s done correctly by someone with experience, there are chances it will damage the roof surface and chimneys. Thus, a homeowner or unskilled professional can do severe damage by pressure washing. And if you do chemicals or solutions purchased from the market, you have to apply them in the exact amount across the whole roof surface. If not done correctly, you won’t be able to remove all the moss, and you will end up leaving blemishes on the roof. Hiring a cleaning expert for properly cleaning roofs and sewage is likely to cost you less than doing it by yourself.

Ways To Remove Moss From Roof

Ways to Remove Moss form Roof

Any roof moss removal and roof cleaning service will generally use two ways to clean your roof-

  • scraping and brushing the moss, then applying a soft washing technique.
  • pressure washing

However, both methods are equally effective. And both these methods require access to the roof and, if not done correctly with appropriate tools, can cause damage to the roof tiles. This type of work presents a risk; therefore, it’s better to leave this work to the roof cleaning specialist, who can do it safely and efficiently.

Moreover, high-powered washers are not recommended as they can damage the roof tiles and surface and reduce the expected roof life. We have often seen some moss removals service that applies power washing technique. But, here in Splash and Sparkle, the specialists avoid unnecessary foot traffic on the roof, leading to broken roof tiles. In their roof cleaning service, no one is required to go to your roof to achieve desired results.

Chemicals are essential while removing moss from home. Without any chemical treatment, the live moss spores will remain on the roof, and it only takes a couple of weeks for the spores to grow into complete moss. And so you will face the same problem again that will require another cleaning process thus it can be costly. The chemicals will reach the areas where you can’t penetrate when removing moss-like cracks and overlapping joints. Thus, using a biocide will assure the complete removal of moss and prevent the continuous growth cycle of moss.

Why Splash And Sparkle?

Why Splash and Sparkle

The Splash and Sparkles provide professional and reliable cleaning services as they specialize in removing moss from pitched roofs and provide guaranteed roof cleaning service.

To remove the moss from your roof, they will manually scrape your roof using 4m extension poles attached with hoes. And they can access the most inaccessible roof parts. The Splash and Sparkle roof cleaning service professionals always use a market-leading biocidal roof wash called Algoclear Pro Professional. This product is only available to professional cleaning contractors, and it gently cleans the roof surfaces and prevents future moss growth for almost five years.

The Splash and Sparkle roof cleaning and moss removal service offer five years of complete moss-free guarantee. Yes, you heard it right, five years! If the moss starts to grow within five years, let the company know, and they will reapply the chemicals without any further costs. That’s how confident they are in their products and services. That is why we say that splash and sparkles, expert roof cleaning companies are market leaders in moss removal.

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