Common Mistakes to Avoid When Registering a Company in the UK

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Registration of a company in the UK opens up brilliant prospects when entering the global market. British registration adds many benefits to your business. And its reputation in the eyes of consumers and partners increases significantly. But to get this positive result, you should know certain risks and pitfalls in the process of obtaining permits.

How to Avoid Refusal When Registering a Company in the UK?

How to Avoid Refusal When Registering a Company in the UK

Be Responsible in Choosing a Company Name

In the UK, there is a list of banned words for use in a company name. For example, if you decide to create your brand “Royal Cheese,” you will immediately receive a refusal because the word “royal” is on this list. Therefore, carefully study it before starting company registration in the UK.

Make Sure You’re Using the Latest Application Forms

The package of documents you submit to the UK Registration Office and the UK Companies House must be completed in accordance with the latest requirements. Application forms are updated periodically. If you download some outdated form from the Internet, the regulative bodies will not accept it.

Don’t Use Fictitious Legal Addresses

A prerequisite for registering a company in the UK is to have a legal address within its territory. Some company owners resort to forgery and indicate a fictitious address where another company is registered. Since all addresses are checked, registration authorities quickly detect fraud and refuse to continue the procedure.

Don’t Use Fictitious Legal Addresses

To avoid these and many other mistakes, it is important to use the services of professionals. The Fintech Harbor company has been working in this field of jurisprudence for a long time and knows all the pitfalls of registration. With the help of the company’s fintech lawyers, you will go through the entire registration process quickly and smoothly. And, most importantly, your profile will not contain any notes about the refusal to register a business.



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