No to Office Fuss – Yes to Office Buzz

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Before the pandemic of 2020 hit, remote working was seen as something of a perk and only reserved for a small number of job roles. However, since 2020, working from home (WFH) became a necessity for everyone. While this should have been welcomed by employees across the board, there were negatives that became highlighted.

Enforced Working From Home

Enforced Working from home

Enforced working from home highlighted a number of issues that hadn’t really been explored before. Some of these issues arose because of the restrictions on movement caused by the pandemic, but there was also the realization that not everyone suits the Work environment.

The Work-Life Balance

Work Life Balance

One of the biggest issues that arose from more people working from home was the work versus life balance. There was more pressure on people when at home to do more, sometimes because managers saw WFH as an easy job and not as productive. However, many employees were spending too much time working and not enough time with their family or unwinding. This can cause additional stress and lead to poor mental health. Even those who were WFH before found there needed to be an adjustment made to help them balance things out.

Missing Time at the Office

Missing Time at the Office

Another revelation that came from lockdown was that there are many people who enjoy the daily work life at the office. Yes, there are some things that can cause stress, but the interaction with other colleagues and the banter was something that couldn’t be easily recreated at home. This isolation from others can cause its own problems and stress that many people are now having to come to terms with.

Hybrid Solutions Could be the Way Forward

Some companies have decided that WFH is not as bad as was once thought. However, they are also mindful that some colleagues need the structure of an office environment on occasion. In the UK as with other countries, serviced offices in Manchester and elsewhere have helped to address some of the issues. Having the ability to work from home when needed, but also being able to go into the office to meet colleagues has proved to be a good solution for many.

No to Office Fuss – Yes to Office Buzz

The takeaway from lockdown has been that remote working is no longer seen as a luxury, but as a viable alternative to the 9-5, office way of working. However, while the office fuss can be stressful and demoralizing, there is a place for the banter and friendship that develops. Maintaining an office life can be beneficial to many people, and doesn’t have to be an either-or scenario.

Final Thoughts

Not everyone enjoys working in their pyjamas while their cat walks across their keyboard. Some love chatting over the kettle and talking about the latest TV show that comes with the official way of life. Hybrid office solutions seem to be the ideal balance that employees are looking for. It also seems to be the perfect solution that companies need to manage staff and maintain business productivity.

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