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PTC Sites That Pay $10 Per Click In India – Top 15 Sites

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PTC sites (Paid To Click) are excellent methods to earn extra income without risk and investment. It will require technical skills, cognitive skills, and computer skills. By this, you can make money by going through with registration process on the below sites; after successfully signing up, you have to view Advertisements, solve surveys, referrals, etc.

Here are the top 15 PTC sites that pay $10 per click in India.

You use these sites to get some additional income, but first, it is essential to know in detail about PTC sites. Before getting in, it is important to know that your bucks can be transferred to your bitcoin bank and you can use these bucks for cryptocurrency trading. Let’s begin!

15 Best PTC Sites In India

1. Clixsense


It is the oldest and the most popular PTC website in India. Jim Grago acquired Clixsense in 2007. Since it’s a PTC site, it has to follow some strategies to make enough money.

Moreover, you can make money by viewing and completing surveys daily. You can also increase your earnings through the affiliate program, and they generally make payments through skrill or Payoneer.

2. Swagbucks

Swag Bucks

Swagbucks is a reputed site for making money through completing tasks like surveys, downloading apps, and viewing ads. These specific online PTC sites provide more than 15 different ways to earn income.

You can earn income by participating in surveys searching websites with their referral codes and swag codes. These paid to click online sites payment is good as by spending only 15 minutes you can earn approx 2,000 bucks. These sites also offer more than any other regular sites.

3. Neobux


Neobux is seen as a top PTC website in India, and it offers vast opportunities to earn a significant amount by viewing advertisements. The minimum amount a candidate can obtain varies from $2.

The best option is to make money through paid-to-click sites during flexible work hours. It is a legit website that pays excellent payouts in just 4-5 months.

4. Prize Rebel 


Prize Rebel is a personal favorite among job seekers because it pays good money. This particular site is not limited to PTC works; it offers more than completing surveys, offers wall referral programs.

Its payment ranges higher than 15% earning from the everyday work. They also offer payouts through Pay Pal if the payment amount is less than $10. However, there are other payment options like prize rebel to choose more earnings.

5. Greenpanthera


Green Panthers aids you in making a tremendous amount of money for watching PTC ads, surveys, and much more. They also let you make an additional income by writing feedback about brands or advertisements to companies.

Their payment ranges from nearly about 16000 to 20000 Rupees per month. It is one of the best way to ear money from your home online.

6. Adverts


Paid adverts is another PTC site in India that pays you for watching advertisements. The site was launched in 2013 and is considered the most trustworthy source of earning money. Like all PTC sites, they also offer cash for viewing ads and for clicking grids that require the least time on each ad to continue the process.

Furthermore, when you complete your target, you will be rewarded with bonus ads points and earn your kind. Their payment is nearly between 10$ to 20$ per month, and payment is made through Payza, Payeer, etc.

7. Inboxdollars


Inboxdollars is an American company and has the advantage of the highest paying sites. It has a meaningful existence in India and works as the best PTC site. Their working method involves different marketing strategies like reviewing lots of advertisements.

Their payments can be 100$ in a month. The Invoxdollar sites pay you to click on Ads that feature American sites.

8. SuperPay


SuperPay is the leading source for worthy PTC job sites in India, where they boost your income at the beginning stage of working. They entail jobs through advertisements, surveys, and other sources.

The website itself is beneficial for easy recruitment among Indian users. And as the name implies, they offer great payouts and payments through Pay Pal. It also includes tasks other than advertisements, such as simple tasks and short online surveys.

9. Grab Point

Grab points

Grab Point is a brand new site in the market of PTC sites. You can do the work through a laptop and more conveniently through smartphone apps. They offer various brands for posting advertisements with clicking and enjoying.

They make their payments through the sales team, where candidates get contacted before payment, and then the account gets credited

10. Scarlet Clicks

Scarlet Clicks

Scarlet clicks is a reputed website among various PTC sites in India. They pay individuals for clicking on the Ads showing several places. It can be achieved on an hourly, weekly, and monthly bonus.

Their method of payments depends on the total time you are spending on the PTC site during the payout time. You can withdraw money anytime when it is above $5. They generally use PayPal for both Indian and foreign users.

11. Valuedopians


Many people all over India are making around 15000 rupees per month by viewing PTC advertisements on Valuedopians. This makes it the top online survey site. Many top brands pay you for honest reviews on products that you use.

12. Squishycash


Squishy ash has assisted many people in making extra money during free hours since 2007. It deserves the honor of being among the most respected websites in the Paid-to-click world.

This website is now enormously popular among Indian users, and the site pays you money the next day if you successfully qualify for the minimum payout limit. It pays out through PayPal, and it also offers gift coupons and extra points for the referrals.

13. GPT Planet

GPT Planet

The GPT Palnetbsite is similar to Paidverts and Scarletclicks. There will also be a GPT grid where you have to select 20 grids from over 100 grids, and if you receive one lucky grid, you can instantly earn $1.

You can get payment Skrill, Neteller, and Solid Trust pay. You watch Ads get paid, and the earning amount will increase over time.

14. Offernation


Offernation is another PTC site similar to Swagbucks and Prizerebel. You can earn money from Offernation through several ways like doing surveys, viewing ads or more.

Initially, you will get paid with points, but later the points will get converted into cash. On offernation, you can quickly get $10 per month.

15. Ojooo Wad

Ojooo Wad

Ohio Wad is undoubtedly the best PTC site. It has caught many peoples attention because the payment on this site is excellent. It is more than scarlet clicks and Paidverts.

Like other PTC sites, it also pays for viewing ads, but several other options like flip the coin, Ojoo Wad grid, and third party offers.

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