8 Ways To Take The Guesswork Out Of Business Travel

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There are many affordable places you can stay on a budget in London whether you fancy a hotel or a motel during your business travels! To take the guesswork out of your next trip, here are eight ways to make the most of your travels:

8 Ways To Take The Guesswork Out Of Business Travel

 1. Keep Germs Away

Keep Germs Away

Bear in mind, you’ll be sitting on a plane that’s a considerable breeding ground for germs. From the guy sneezing next to you to someone touching your tray, it’s important to stay healthy. This is especially the case as the air conditioning system will circulate the germs back into the air. Combat this problem by keeping yourself hydrated properly, sanitizing your hands and your personal space regularly, and avoiding touching your face.

2. Pack Earplugs

Pack Earplugs

Flights can get noisy, especially when there are hundreds of people travelling on your plane. Give yourself some relaxing peace and quiet by getting disposable foam earplugs to block out the noise. Some may choose noise-cancelling headphones, but earplugs are a safe and highly affordable alternative.

3. Become A Picky Eater

Become a Picky Eater

Most airport lounges offer overpriced poor quality food, but you just have to know where to look for proper nourishment. Check to see where the airport staff are heading for lunch and follow their lead.

4. Pack Antibacterial Wipes

The food tray in front of your seat has likely seen better and cleaner days. It is the perfect and healthy environment for germs as oftentimes it is overlooked during the cleaning services. Bring antibacterial wipes and clean the tray thoroughly to remove caked-on foodstuffs or questionable stains.

5. Keep Yourself In The Loop

Since this is business travel, it’s important to keep connected with your contacts. If possible, either pay extra for WiFi service or make sure you can run your mobile phones as a hotspot. Use to keep in touch and manage your trip.

6. Speed Through Security

You can get through airport security much more quickly and effectively by choosing a premier line. When you have your ID and boarding pass, inquire about which line the agent thinks will move faster.

7. Prepare For Jet Lag

Prepare for Jet Lag

The only way to really beat jet lag is to prepare for it from the start. Make sure you only eat half portions of the food and supplements you’re given and try to get into the timezone of your destination by only sleeping when it’s actually nighttime. It is possible to trick your body into dealing with a different timezone, you just have to get clever!

8. Get A Local Paper

Get a Local Paper

An ingenious way to blend into your new work environment as a tourist and to deter pickpockets is to buy a local paper. It will make you look less conspicuous and criminals are less likely to see you as a potential target for their next hit.

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