The Conveyancing Timeline in Plymouth – The Complete Guide

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The Conveyancing timeline is the amount of time taken from the point of instructing a solicitor to the point of exchange and completion and achieving the ultimate goal of moving house.

The Conveyancing Timeline in Plymouth – The Complete Guide

How long will it take?

A conveyancing timeline depends on a number of factors, such as the complexity of the legal aspects of the properties, length of the chain, finance arrangements for the client i.e. whether a mortgage is being obtained and many more.

Often it is extremely hard to pinpoint a conveyancing timeline as there are so many factors that can significantly impact this.

The Process involved

Once a person wants to buy property, or found a buyer for their property, all parties need to instruct solicitors.

Conveyancing Timeline in Plymouth - The Process involved


The National Average Conveyancing Timeline noted by the Law Society is 5 months, but this can certainly depend on whether the property is freehold or Leasehold and the general complexity of a matter, such as whether a deed of variation or Lease extension is required. A conveyancing timeline is therefore very subjective and not an exact science.

The main impact on a conveyancing timeline is often the length of a chain. Ultimately the number of parties involved can make the biggest difference, as all transactions often move at different paces based on the factors noted above such as complexity and finance arrangements.

Property Market in Plymouth

The average property price in Plymouth is similar to the average price in the UK, Plymouth is a diverse area to live with a number of people from different backgrounds and lots of different local communities but also remains surrounded by rural areas, therefore increasing the variety of properties and therefore increasing the need for reputed Conveyancing Solicitors Plymouth and expertise is required in many aspects of the Law.

Property Market in Plymouth

Once the Legal work is carried out all the above mentioned matters can be completed and people can move into their new property.  So as you will see conveyancing solicitors Plymouth is vital to the commercial property market and good conveyancing will help everyone’s move run more smoothly.

Ultimately when choosing a Conveyancing Solicitors often this decision is influenced by a number of factors, price, expertise, proximity to your home and knowledge of the local area. Whatever your needs there are hundreds of conveyancing solicitors out there to suit you, but remember making the right choice is vital to your house move.

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