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Coupon Marketing vs. Digital Marketing: Which Strategy to Choose For Your Ecommerce Platform?

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Choosing Between Coupon Marketing And Digital Marketing

Marketing is a historical terminology with never-ending revisions, modifications, and enhancements. People have stayed to this term for lives and worked on finding out how this one word can bring improvements to business; both physical and virtual.

The current era talks of online marketing at every step of advancement. It is the time of robots and artificial intelligence. Everywhere people are making efforts in enhancing their ventures to stay on top of the competition in the virtual market. Entrepreneurship and starting of eCommerce ventures, starting a drop shipping business have become an obvious step towards success.

In such a situation, the question that is still in competition comes up as a race between coupon marketing and digital marketing. However, many of the readers around are not aware of the difference between them. Many are still unobservant about both the marketing types. Now, before taking sides for one of the two models, let us review what these two marketing kinds are.

What Is Coupon Marketing?

Here, mainly discussing the first of both types of marketing, which indeed is as clear as its name. Very true to the fact stated, this is the marketing of coupons in the virtual industry of shopping, traversing, and everything luxurious.

Coupons are nothing new and recently launched to any of the people around. It is because one may not be able to find a single individual who does not use coupons for any expenditure.

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How Does Coupon Marketing Work?

Coupon marketing works in diversified ways according to the latest trends in the digital coupon industry. The provision of coupons codes and promotional codes can be found on every single website nowadays. No matter if one has to travel vacation or purchase a piece of luggage; a voucher is something a customer will always need.

Types Of Coupons In The Market

The online market has a vast collection of voucher codes UK. These are attainable in every possible category, like some stated below.

  • Coupons codes proffered for first-time use
  • Coupons codes proffered for first online order
  • Coupons codes proffered for early signup
  • Coupons codes proffered for free site-wide discounts
  • Coupons codes proffered for free standard shipping
  • Coupons codes proffered for free international shopping
  • Coupons codes proffered for annually occurring festivals
  • Coupons codes proffered for shopping over a particular amount

Pros And Cons Of Coupon Marketing

Everything has its assets and liabilities that come up at different times of utilization. Some highly known gains and losses of coupons in the marketing world involve,


  • Attracts new customers very quickly
  • Helps the retailers in the quick infusion of money
  • Encourages consumers in brand switching
  • Assists in meeting different customer expectations
  • Keeps the business ranking in the competition


  • Costs much money to the vendors
  • Decreases the chances of profits earned on actual prices
  • Displays a cheap image of bestseller brands at times
  • Discourages loyal customers with a bunch of new user coupons
  • Forces buyers to keep waiting for deals or discounts

What Is Digital Marketing?

Now, switching to the next type of marketing, which comes up with an enormous explanation of the online market. This type of marketing works with the involvement of electronic devices or the internet. It is always known as the best kind of marketing for any e-Commerce business venture.

One needs to keep all the online marketing tactics in mind while taking steps for digital marketing.

How Does Digital Marketing Work?

It operates via different digital channels like search engines, social media, websites, email, and online applications. For each of its digital channels, there comes a series of steps and strategies that properly enhance its use to reach the exact amount of benefits.

Types Of Digital Marketing

In reality, digital marketing is an altogether combination of online digital marketing and offline digital marketing. Counting on both the models, these marketing essentials are discussed as follows.

Essentials Of Online Digital Marketing

  • Pay Per Click Advertisement (PPC)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing

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Essentials Of Offline Digital Marketing

  • Radio marketing
  • TV marketing
  • Phone marketing

Pros And Cons Of Digital Marketing

Very similar to coupon marketing, digital marketing as well comes with its positives and negatives. One may find the advantages of this marketing time, along with a bundle of disadvantages.


  • Helps in targeting different customers more accurately
  • Generates quicker results in less time
  • Saves a tremendous amount of money expending
  • Reaches a better amount of audience all over the globe
  • Produces measurable results for better strategies
  • Assists in the increment of customer service
  • Utilises the power of social media platforms
  • Stays available every single minute


  • Consumes much time while time is money
  • Judges a lot on the first impression tactics
  • Relies much on technology bringing errors closer
  • Slips out of the owner’s hands many times
  • Damages all efforts with some negative feedbacks
  • Involves too much competition every single time
  • Consists of the risk of having copied campaigns
  • Drowns quickly by the colossal amount of Ad clutter

Which One To Choose?

After both the marketing types discussed, people start to think of the actual marketing strategy that may operate properly for business. While coupon marketing is essential for increment in sales and traffic, it also assures customer loyalty — nevertheless, digital marketing deals in its pros and cons for the venture.

Some may choose the coupon marketing strategy for business while others may proceed to digital marketing no matter what. Deciding between these two has always been a tough choice for entrepreneurs.

Best Choice From Both The Marketing Types

The most important thing to keep in mind while choosing between both the marketing types is the nature of business one wishes to promote. Sometimes, coupon marketing is not a better strategy for advertising a venture because coupons will not involve the tactics that a social media platform will perform without too many efforts.

On the other hand, promotion of business sites and informative sites may not always require coupons, but digital marketing can make it work. Nonetheless, websites that belong to the fashion, food, and travel industries will still work better with coupons and voucher codes in the UK. Therefore; one must not always think of selecting the best marketing strategy. Instead, selection of the right one is what matters in the online industry.

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