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Nickey Pickorita Digital Marketing In Brighton: What You Need to Know!

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So, you’ve decided to invest in digital marketing and expand your business, revenue and brand name. Yes, all these things are possible with the right digital marketing or even with marketing jobs in Brighton if you don’t have a budget.

But what does the right digital marketing look like, how do you know the people you hired and started paying for promised results.

How do you know what type of online marketing best suits your business if you’ve been doing any research on digital marketing international or local which any savvy business owner would have been? You would know that there are a few methods of making money online by advertising PPC, SEO and social media marketing there are a lot more but we will only be covering PPC and SEO because they are the main ones that make established business revenue online.

If you have not done any previous research don’t worry this counts I’ll be covering everything you need to know to get a proper digital advertising agency, and what type of advertising is best suited for you. So, without further delay let’s get stuck in.

How to Choose a Real Digital Advertising Agency, Brighton?


So, you’ve decided to get your businesses revenue up, or you have decided to start monetizing on your Instagram/Facebook/snapchat fame, or you have some investment money and have decided to start an online business. These are all valid reasons for getting a digital marketing agency UK to take over all the things you don’t have time for, or don’t know.

A good digital marketing agency is usually be specialized in one aspect of the digital advertising game. For example, a SEO agency will have YouYube SEO or Social Marketing or Pay Per Clip on offer too. This because these advertising methods also benefit SEO, for example traffic from PPC is a good ranking method some SEO’s might use or if your already big on YouTube that can be used to boost SEO rankings.

This is a good example of an SEO agency Brighton. Whereas a good Pay Per Click agency might only offer PPC and display advertising but this is still good because no one can be specialized in all aspects of digital marketing. And that’s okay you will be getting better results and quality for your pounds it might also cost more. But this is still a great option if you’re just starting out online.

A proper Digital advertising agency will always ask you a few details for example your URL, goals and even budget to formulate proper digital strategies. This isn’t because they are looking to take advantage they just want to know if there is any point in taking you on as a client, this is not because they don’t want to or have something against you. It’s because a digital agency’s success depends on results and if they have none there not going to get far.

So, what is Search Engine Optimization?

So, you now know what to look for in a Brighton SEO company or anywhere really. But what does SEO actually entail? Buckle in and get ready to have your mind blown…. Well my mind was blown when I found out that search engine optimisations actually exist and that they manipulate the search engine results. So basically, in simple English they make their clients #1 for the keywords with search volume where possible. It’s not as simple as that a good SEO Brighton will first send you a proposal of what their plan of action is with some keyword research explaining what keywords/topics your writers should be writing about. Once everything is finalized they get started with technical SEO. This fixes all the issues Google or search engines might frown on for example: duplicate h1 tags, slow load speed, or even fix site structure. Next, they will start on page and finally will start building a link profile for your website optimisation strategy. And that’s it if they have done their research and your budget allows it you should start seeing real return on investment in 3-6 months.



So, What is PPC or Display Advertising

For this section I want you to remember and visualize it might not be something you want to remember but you will know what I’m talking about instantly and be able to visualize it immediately. Once I explain this everything will be a lot simpler. Imagine you’re on YouTube and you’ve just clicked a popular video and wouldn’t you know it you have to sit through an ad before you can watch your entertainment….. Oh no, not that anything but that… that’s right display advertising is responsible for that….. no imagine you’re on google and you have searched “Brighton plumber” you know those first results that say ads in a small square yep that’s us….. Now imagine you have just visited a site about selling shoes and all of a sudden you have ads on your favorite website for that store…. Yep another PPC method this one is called remarketing. This method of advertising is more expensive but the results are instant and of course once you stop so do your ads, whereas SEO is a lot more stable.




Now you know how to choose a digital advertising company, what the two main methods of online advertising are. You also have a rough idea on what you’ll be searching for next on google or what advertising method you will be looking into for your online businesses grow.

SEO and PPC results are directly proportional to the budget, SEO doesn’t come cheap but if it’s done right it is well worth the investment in the long run. Whereas PPC is how large your budget is depending on how high and often your ad is shown. Ergo your digital marketing success is dependent on your budget assuming you have chosen a good agency.

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