Dedicated IP 101 – Why Do You Need One For Your Business?

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Regardless of its area and sector, every business should protect its network in the best way and provide high security. Maximizing the existing security infrastructure has significant benefits for any business. The best you can do for this purpose is to integrate VPN gateways into your security infrastructure.

This ensures that you have a high level of security in connecting to your networks if you are running your own business operations and working remotely.

According to a global survey conducted in 2021, 27% of respondents stated that their company uses two virtual private networks (VPN) gateways. In general, 41% of businesses have three or more VPN gateways installed.

You may have encountered VPNs many times in your research to manage security. One of the most commonly used terms you may come across while researching VPNs might be “dedicated IP.” It is generally known that having an IP address has many advantages. However, there are many advantages to having a VPN and a dedicated IP at the same time such as safeguarding data.

What is IP Address?

An IP (Internet Protocol) address is a type of identifier of the device you use on the internet or in your local network. IP, a collection of rules, takes help from the internet or local networks and governs the format of the data transmitted to it. IP addresses are not assigned at random to devices. They are mathematically generated and assigned by specifically authorized institutions.

What is IP Address

It communicates with certain standard rules to transmit IP data. IP addresses do not work based on locations to reach connected devices and share information. Your assignment of an IP address that allows you to access the Internet is performed by your ISP (Internet Service Provider). Your ISP redirects all your activities on the Internet with the help of your IP.

What is Dedicated IP?

IP addresses are divided into several categories, each with its own set of types. The biggest difference between IP types lies not in the technical differences but in how they are implemented. One of the most common of these types is dedicated IP.

If you want to connect to a VPN server while searching the internet, your IP address is likely to be shared with a large number of other users. When you choose the location of the server, that location is given an IP address. Many other VPN users who use the same location as you have access to this allocated IP address. In other words, the same VPN server provides data flow for multiple users.

However, this cannot be said to be the same as a private IP address. A dedicated IP address is a private IP address for each person. It is solely used by one individual. It functions differently than your actual local IP address. This lets you continue to protect your whole network through the internet. All of your data traffic is directed by a dedicated IP address to protect your privacy. The most important feature of dedicated IP is that your personal IP address can only be used by you.

What Are The Advantages of Dedicated IP Address?

By adopting a dedicated IP address, it is much easier to gain some extra advantages. These advantages offer you a couple of abilities to ensure privacy, protect data, access smoothly, protect your business against cyber crime and more. When you compare a website with other IP types to a website with a dedicated IP address, you will encounter many advantages such as:

Remote Access Security

Dedicated IP 101 - Remote Access Security

When you try to access internal resources through dedicated IP serves, they become more secure and efficient. By configuring a next-generation site-to-site VPN with a flexible solution, everyone with a dedicated IP address can access cloud-based networks. Having a good dedicated IP ensures the company’s employees access the network and operate safely from any location.

Allowed list of IPs

By authorizing the IP addresses you choose, you control access to certain resources. This helps ensure that only authorized people have access to key corporate assets. Since you need to segment network permissions, you need to list the servers and gateways to be accessed and the dedicated IP addresses.

Faster emails

Using a dedicated IP has many advantages, including reliable mail services from dedicated IPs. Sometimes emails that come from shared IP addresses can create insecurity. Email traffic from dedicated IP addresses is always more reliable and takes priority over shared IP. As a result, e-mails from the dedicated IP do not fall into the spam box or experience delays.

No additional validation

If a website recognizes that more than one person is using the same IP address simultaneously, additional verification may be needed. Also, using IP addresses other than those used to log in or create an account is suspicious. Visitors to websites may not always connect from reliable IP addresses. This is why websites sometimes require you to re-authenticate to determine that you are not robots or malware.

Not blacklisted

Not blacklisted

Users’ IP addresses can be blacklisted by some sites. This can be one of the biggest problems users want to get rid of. Dedicated IP provides a great advantage in this regard. It allows you to browse freely, reducing the chance of your IP address being blacklisted. Since the number of users of shared IPs is quite high, dedicated IP addresses used by a single person are more reliable. In this way, websites see you as a reliable visitor and do not blacklist you.


For some websites, IP addresses used by many users at the same time may not be a problem. However, this is not always the case. E-commerce sites , sites with payment systems, authorized sites, sites that will use SSL certificates, and SEO-compliant sites perceive this as suspicious. That’s why it makes more sense to use a dedicated IP.

Dedicated IP provides the best results for providing controlled access, identifying security vulnerabilities, and eliminating data breaches. Utilizing dedicated IP to achieve the highest level of robust network security yields good results.

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