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How to choose a house removal company near your location?

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Planning to move in the near future? Hoping to get it all done without the hassle, but don’t have the right vehicle to do it yourself? Finding a professional removal company to help you, from the packing, to the moving, to the unpacking is key to a fresh start in your new place! I bet you’re wondering… How easy is it to find a removal company near me? Continue reading to learn about how one can make their next move go smoothly with the help from a removal company.

If you are moving homes, you are mostly concerned about two main things- the safety of your furniture and the time it will take to wrap up the process. Hiring the most highly rated house removal services in london will ensure that you are being able to address both these concerns. It is best that you leave everything, including the packing part of the moving process to experts. While this might add to the expenditure, it will considerably reduce your tension and worry that is part and parcel of any moving job.

Is A Professional Service Right for Me?

Is a Rubbish Removal Right for me

Many people do take on moves without professional assistance, especially if they have family or close friends who feel comfortable helping. But if you have a lot of personal items, large, clunky furniture pieces that may be difficult to carry, or do not know someone who owns a larger vehicle, such as a van or truck, taking on such a task without additional help may be difficult.

If all you need is a truck or other vehicle that can be used for the transport of a large number of items, many rubbish removal companies do offer moving truck rentals, which are often charged on a daily rate. However, if you need personnel to lift and carry heavy items such as furniture, it may be best to hire a full team to help you. After all, while many of your friends and family may theoretically be happy to help, they may not be able to lift certain objects, travel far distances, or dedicate a full day to helping out.

While it does cost some money to hire a removal company near me, doing so can help you rest assured the process will be taken care of as quickly and as safely as possible, no heavy-lifting or driving on your end required.

Removal Company Near Me Costs

Removal Company near me costs

While the base rate price for a removal company near me does depend on the vehicle you travel with and the number of personnel you hire, the distance you travel will also factor into the price.

Removal companies often charge for the removal of your items, such as furniture, the packing of smaller items if not completed, and the deconstruction and reconstruction of relevant furniture items and appliances, such as bed frames and desks. 

As a general rule of thumb, removal businesses charge about £0.75 to £1 per cubic foot of items they are to remove and move on your behalf. They may also charge more if you are moving from or to a larger city.

Base estimates for moving services are as follows for shorter distances (within 50 miles):

Studio Apartment or One Bedroom: £300

Two Bedroom: £300-400

Three Bedroom: £500-800

Four or More Bedrooms: £700+

Base estimates for longer distances, per hour (over 50 miles, but may vary depending on distance of trip):

Studio Apartment or One Bedroom:£450+

Two Bedroom: £600+

Three Bedroom: £850+

Four or More Bedrooms: £1,000+

Additional packing and unpacking services from a removal company near me, as needed:

Studio Apartment or One Bedroom: £180-200

Two Bedroom: £200-240

Three Bedroom: £240-280

Four or More Bedrooms: £280+, with an average at £350

It’s important to keep in mind that no set prices exist nationwide for waste management company costs. If you’re looking to move on a budget, try reaching several different professionals nearby to compare prices and make a choice that’s right for you. The simplest way to do that is by searching “Removal Companies Near Me” and the internet will do the job for you.

Be as upfront about your needs as possible to ensure accurate quotes and price estimates, but also keep in mind that some removal companies are happy to come to your home and carry out a free pre-move survey to provide or confirm a quote for you in advance!

Tips to Make Your Move Go Smoothly

When it comes to moving, preparing ahead of time is key. We’ve prepared some tips for you to keep in mind as you make the necessary arrangements for yourself, your belongings, and your loved ones before your journey

What items are you planning to get rid of? If you have to leave your place completely empty by the end of an end-of-tenancy cleaning or a home sale, you may realize there are a lot of items floating around that you don’t actually need. It’s no fun trying to sort out or decide what to do with such things at the last minute.

Try some of the following to prepare for your move:

  • Want to sell items you no longer need? If so and of course if they’re in good condition, a yard sale or posting some items on craigslist or even a community Facebook group may be a good solution.
  • Would any of your friends appreciate an extra lamp? Give it a shot!
  • Could some items go to charity? Some organizations may even be willing to pick up the items for you!

It’s worth trying to find new homes for these items in advance so that moving day goes smoothly, and preferably without an avoidable trash heap outside your old home.

Make sure you have moving boxes and containers beforehand! Better yet, label them. This can help you ensure you have an easy way to carry your most important items. Otherwise, a moving team may simply charge extra to help you complete all the packing required to move.

How can I communicate proactively with a removal company near me? How many large furniture pieces are you hoping to move? What fragile items, if any, are you planning to bring along with you? It’s helpful for the removal company to know this information beforehand so that they can help you plan.

Looking to Move With Pets? Moving can be stressful with pets, especially if they are not used to long-distance travel. If you are moving with your pet, keep them away from all the packing and unboxing the day of the move, as this may stress them out. Do not keep them near any heavy items or storage, and instead, keep them with you if you are in the same vehicle while traveling.

Still, you don’t have to worry about your pet during your move: there are professionals ready to help! There are a number of pet moving services throughout the UK, where professionals can safely transport your pet by vehicle or by air. If you’re hiring a removal company, it’s worth asking them if they can help transport your pet or if they can recommend someone else to take on the job.

Find a Removal Company Near Me!

Find a Removal Company near me

When it comes to moving, it’s important to find professionals you can trust. After all, you’re entrusting them with your home and many of the personal belongings you’ve carried with you throughout your life.

When looking for a removal company near me, it’s worth checking what credentials a particular organization or business may have. In the UK, important credentials come from organizations including the NGRS (National Guild of Removers and Storers), the BAR (British Association of Removers) or FIDI Global Alliance.

Is the question “Where to find a removal company near me?” still difficult to answer?  Still unsure where to find the right team who can make your move an easy one? Our website can help! Try it out today and read reviews about and get quotes from professionals in your area who are ready to help you get from point A to point B easily and safely.

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