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Are More Businesses Switching to Electric Cars?

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When you look at how far the automotive industry has come over the past decade, it really is impressive. As time has progressed and new technologies have been developed, our cars have become more and more advanced. Now, cars are being introduced onto the market which is powered solely by electricity.

While they are still fairly new onto the market, people are now starting to realize the benefits these models can deliver. Businesses, in particular, are starting to invest in electric-powered models. So, what makes electric-powered cars great for businesses and why should your company consider investing in one?

future of electric cars in business

Businesses are urged to lead electric vehicle revolution

A new report by the Climate Group is urging major businesses to lead the electric vehicle revolution. While many small and medium-size businesses are beginning to invest heavily in electric vehicles, larger businesses are so far slow to follow. The Climate Group is working towards a global initiative to turn two million vehicles into electric models by the year 2030.

The Ingka Group, once known as IKEA Group, is one of the first major businesses to invest in electric vehicles. This is largely down to Amsterdam’s future emission limits set to be introduced in 2025. At the moment, the Ingka Group would lose direct access to over 390,000 households.

There is certainly a lot of pressure placed onto big companies to begin lowering their carbon emissions. So, as time passes, more businesses are going to be switching to fully electric cars.

Low emission zones are starting to be introduced

There are a lot of reasons businesses should consider making the switch to electric vehicles right now. One of which is the introduction of new low emission zones. These have already been introduced in London, and their boundaries are due to be expanded by the year 2021.

Vehicles which do not comply with the new low emission zones will be hit with a daily charge. Motorbikes, cars, and vans would need to pay £12.50 per day, while buses, coaches and lorries could face daily fines of £100.

future of electric cars

Benefitting from lower running costs

As well as avoiding potentially high fines, businesses would benefit from switching to electric vehicles due to the lower running costs. When you invest in an electric vehicle, you’ll quickly discover they are a lot cheaper to run. So, not only will you be contributing to lowering carbon emissions, but you’ll also pay less to do so. There’s also the fact that many electric vehicles boast a 0% tax rate.

Businesses are starting to invest more in electric cars, but it’s the larger businesses which need to catch up. If more businesses were to make the switch, it could significantly reduce air pollution, which in turn will help to reverse global warming.

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