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Osome’s partnership with an accelerator and investor from Silicon Valley, 500 Startups

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Osome announced a partnership with an accelerator and investor from Silicon Valley, 500 Startups

Singapore-based fintech startup Osome has a strategic partnership agreement with California-based venture capital firm 500 Startups. The Osome online form facilitates business vision, accounting, and government communications in Singapore. Under the agreement, Osome joined Global Launch, which is one of the key initiatives of 500 Startups.

Global Launch aggregates the best startups from around the world, so this initiative has attracted the attention of Singapore-based government agency Enterprise Singapore, dedicated to improving the business climate in Singapore. Enterprise Singapore actively supports the 500 Startups initiative to bring the best global startups to Singapore.

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Singapore is a state ideally suited for doing business. Singapore is at the top of the World Bank’s business ranking and global economic competitiveness rating of the World Economic Forum. Singapore authorities are focused on continually improving the factors that enable Singapore to remain a center of attraction for entrepreneurs from all over the world.

The Global Launch initiative, which is supported by Enterprise Singapore, will not only allow the transfer of the best startups to Singapore but will also scale them throughout Southeast Asia. An important link in the process of integrating startups into the Singapore economy is the extensive experience and worldwide recognition of 500 Startups.

500 Startups, Director of Innovation, rightly notes that Singapore offers endless possibilities for the Global Launch initiative. A highly developed economy, digitalization of the work of government bodies, business support and the ecosystem aimed at attracting the best business projects to the country are a guarantee that the Global Launch initiative will successfully cope with its tasks in Singapore.

Also, a special role in the process of attracting successful startups to Singapore is played by the new partner 500 Startups online platform Osome. Osome is a pioneer and leader in the development of business support solutions and business administration. The technologies created and offered to Osome customers allow entrepreneurs to forget about administrative issues and focus on business development. Osome takes care of bookkeeping, communication with authorities, reporting and many other issues of startups.

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Osome CEO and Founder Viktor Lysenko notes that Osome, 500 Startups and Enterprise Singapore collaboration will bring talented entrepreneurs, promising projects, a new vision, experience, and practice to the Singaporean business community. Joint efforts will ensure the high-quality development of Singapore business environment and bring the business to a new stage of development. Viktor Lysenko also draws attention to the fact that the strategic agreement with 500 Startups and participation in the Global Launch initiative fit perfectly into Osome’s development strategy and is part of the company’s DNA. Osome founder also emphasizes that Singapore, 500 Startups and Osome share a common business mindset. The value of the client, his time, safety and confidence in the products used are the company’s priority.

Therefore, Osome is doing everything possible to save customers valuable time. One of the latest projects of the company allows you to take basic steps when registering a business in less than 40 minutes. Communication with Osome support takes place around the clock in a special secure chat, protected by modern encryption technologies. Osome specialists will answer any customer questions within 15 minutes at any time of the day or night, and even in the new year.

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