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SEO Tips to take your business to the next level

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SEO for online shops is an important issue because Google’s organic search is the main source of traffic for most online stores and therefore vital to survival. In this tutorial, you will learn about the typical problems of online shops and how to handle them. In addition, you will learn some very helpful SEO services UK tricks that will give you a decisive advantage over the competition.

Here are 5 tips for optimizing online stores that will give you a much better chance of getting top positions on Google and Co.

  1. search engine optimization (SEO) Basics: Title, Description, and H Tags

There are a variety of on-page SEO factors that can be improved very easily and quickly. Every online shop operator should make sure that the following factors are optimized and that no errors occur:

  • Title Tag
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Set H1 to H3 tags in content

For each individual product page, the optimization of the aforementioned on-page factors should be carried out.

When optimizing, pay attention to the following:

search engine optimization

Title tag

A unique and brief description of the content on the page. The description should arouse the interest of the user. A good example of this is the shop ink alarm for printer cartridges:

optimized meta description

If no meta description is left, the search engine will create its own preview, which may result in lower click rates. Because a “meta description” automatically generated by the search engine will never arouse the emotions of the potential customer, such as an individual description related to the product and the customer.

H tags

These tags signal the search engines the meaning of content. The H1 tag is basically only set once per page. The H2 and H3 tags can be used in the subheading texts, making the content more reader-friendly. The H1 tag should contain the most relevant information and keywords, but not too long. Five to ten words are appropriate.

  1. Improve loading times

The loading time is a factor that influences the ranking of a web page. Too long load times will cause visitors to leave the site immediately and return to Google Search. For Google, such negative user behavior is an indication that the website does not meet the user’s requirements. A first impression about the loading time of a website can be obtained eg with the tools Google Page Speed ?? Insights, GTmetrix, Pingdom or

Improve loading times

  1. Unique product descriptions

Many online shop owners tend to take the manufacturer’s description one-to-one. As a result, the same content can be found on multiple pages. For Google, duplicate content is a negative signal, which can even lead to penalties (Google Penalty). However, it is difficult for each individual product to create an individual description, but it can be really worthwhile. Work here according to the ” Pareto principle”. And select the products with the highest sales or the highest profit and hire a copywriter to create an individual product description for each of these products. This allows you to differentiate yourself from competitors and rank better for these search terms or products.

  1. Keyword Monitoring

In order to remain competitive and also to document the success of the SEO measures, the observation of rankings of the own website for topic-relevant search terms is very important. The competition should, if possible, also be observed. If there are enormous ranking losses, you should determine the causes and take action accordingly. Already the loss of 2 or 3 positions can lead to significant traffic losses.

Keyword Monitoring

  1. Internal linking

Google is trying to stifle manipulation attempts with regular updates of the Google algorithm. External links, ie links from other relevant pages, are still the most important ranking factor. As part of the link building in recent years, many links have been built, which were anchored with the keyword in the text. For example, a furniture shop has built many links with the anchor text “furniture”, “buy furniture online” or “buy furniture cheap”. This is precisely what Google wants to prevent and punishes websites that have too many such links. This does not apply to internal links. While one prefers to build external links with the name of the shop or the domain links, one should internally put on keywords in the anchor text. That’s how you signal Google that the linked subpage for a specific keyword should be listed in the search results. Professional marketing agency like Get Cleaning Clicks will be the right choice for you if you are planning to hire professional team to promote your business online.

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