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5 Ways to Make Money If You Can Drive

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Apart from their homes, most people’s most valuable asset is their car. And if you know how to drive, you can turn it into income. Couriers and food delivery services have always required drivers, but the smartphone revolution, electronic commerce, and the internet, in general, have significantly increased the simplicity with which you may get compensated for driving your vehicle.

If you own a car and don’t mind driving, you’re on your path to making hundreds of pounds on the side without having to worry about bad credit car finance.

Without further ado, here are some of the most effective ways to earn money by driving your car.

Ways to Make Money If You Can Drive

1. Take Children to School

How many more parents are in the same boat as you when they take their children to school? Many spend a big part of their day adding to the traffic jams across our towns and cities.

Why not help out by driving other people’s kids to and from school? For so many of them, this service will be a great relief.

Ways to Make Money If You Can Drive - Take Children to School

Reach out to people who live in your neighbourhood. Most parents will happily pay you to avoid doing the school run twice a day. You should be able to take your kid plus three or more people, depending on the capacity of your car. The distance you cover and the location of where you are going should determine the amount you charge for your service.

Many parents will appreciate having someone responsible drive their kids to and from school, freeing up their mornings and afternoons. This system also provides parents with peace of mind by eliminating the need for their kids to travel by school bus or public transport.

2. Newspaper Delivery

Do you like to rise up and shine first thing in the morning? Consider utilizing your car to deliver the daily news if you reside in an area where newspapers are distributed. It’s a simple method to make money. If feasible, schedule a Sunday service, as this typically pays the best.

If there’s no paper distributed in your location, you can create your own round. Duncan Bannantyne, one of Britain’s wealthiest businessmen, began his business in this manner. He compiled the subscriptions and then delivered papers. This isn’t just for youngsters on bikes; driving your car is considerably faster and easier.

3. Advertising

What if you don’t want to add the extra miles to your car? With the alternatives we’ve discussed thus far, you’ll have to be prepared to drive more often than usual.

But imagine if you could earn money simply by driving around in your vehicle? If you’re happy to put ads on your automobile, you may make a lot of money.Advertising

You can link up with potential advertisers using apps. After you register and install the app, it keeps track of your whereabouts over a period of time. The system then pairs you with a neighbourhood or nationwide campaign and partly or entirely “wraps” your automobile (don’t worry, the wraps are detachable and don’t affect the vehicle). You might earn between £100 – £300 per month without performing anything unusual, depending on your car, area, and the amount you wrap your car.

4. Launching a Taxi Service

Consider being an Uber driver or stepping up to work for another popular ride-sharing service in your neighbourhood. In short, these are minicab providers. Whenever anyone requires a ride, the service identifies the driver closest to the client and allocates the job to them. You sign up with the firm and mark yourself as open to work in the app whenever you choose to drive and when somebody wants a ride. The provider locates the driver closest to the client and allocates the job to them.

Before getting started, ensure you show the client the complete cost of their journey. They frequently pay using their phones, which is convenient both for the driver and the consumer. This is the most convenient method for the customer, and as a result, it is gaining popularity in various settings. However, driving your car as a cab or ride-sharing may necessitate a modification in your driving licence type. Before pursuing this option, double-check with the local authorities.

5. Taking Dogs to the Grooming Salon

How many dog owners do you encounter who hate taking their pets to the groomer? Perhaps they don’t want to transport the dog because their car isn’t big enough, or they do not even have one at all. Taking dogs to and from the groomer should be simple if you have a cage. You can easily keep the seats of your car clean by using a cover.

Taking Dogs to the Grooming Salon

The dog’s owner may or may not accompany you based on their conditions. Show good decency by never having the dog in the car alone. Make some business cards because most dog owners frequent group training and social bonding programmes and may be able to refer you to others.


Ultimately, since you already have a car, you’re in a wonderful position to find a simple side job that pays you to drive. Cars aren’t “financial assets” in the same sense that stocks or even properties are; their value depreciates over time. However, you can earn money while driving the automobile and mitigate some depreciation by earning extra income along the way.

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