Life Is Incomplete Without Education

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The everyday experience is all about learning something new. Education is often confused with schooling. Education is not just about reading and writing, but it encompasses many things, including making use of the knowledge learned for your own advantage and utilizing this knowledge for growth. The process of education is not about making a person literate. It is about making a person equipped with the knowledge to lead their own life without depending on other people.

Why Is Education Important?

Life Without Education.A good education has the power to change your life for good completely. Governments all over the world are investing more than ever in education for their citizens with an aim for them to compete in the global marketplace. Statistics show that a growing number of the middle class is spending more money on educating their families, which raises the questions, why is education so important, and can a person do without education?

Today, employers are looking for college-graduates, someone with skills and knowledge to flourish in the 21st century. Today is technology is developing at a rapid rate, and the result is the creation of a world that has the wants and the means to learn at scale. Yet, even with the understanding of the impact of education, so little has been done. In fact, one in five adults lacks written communication skills. Even more surprising is that 57 million children are yet to step inside a classroom. Millions more are in the classroom but are not learning effectively.

Life is incomplete without education. The 21st century is very competitive, and someone without the skills can barely survive. Education tells people how to think and how to make the decision wisely. The better your education is, the more opportunities in life.

It’s Not an Easy Process, but It’s Worth It

The process of gaining a formal education is not easy. The world is facing a learning crisis, and hundreds of millions of children do not reach young adulthood with basic skills like calculation. But it doesn’t have to be. The world today is a global community, and you can see that, with technological breakthroughs, passing your college assessment is easy. However, what about the millions who do not have access to these facilities? To them, the story is different, the process is painful, but the result is worth it.

Life Without EducationGiven that education is at the center stage of building human capital, it explains why millions bother to get an education. World Bank research shows that the world will be lacking a significant portion of the workforce as productivity of 56% of the world’s children will be less than half what it could be if these children were allowed to obtain complete education.

Of course, people struggle to get an education because they will enjoy the freedom it gives later in life, be it financial, social, or economic freedom. It is like a reward as it shows that a person has paid his dues to society. With the newfound freedom, many people will spend their time getting what they never had in life and that the joy of it.

Life Is Incomplete Without Education

Today Education Is Easy

In recent decades, things have gotten easier. But you may wonder what has changed. In the 90s, students used to dread Mondays, since they knew very well that it was the start of a long week of endless calculations and theories they might never use. But what made it difficult?

  • Limited access to computers: today, classes are well fitted with computers, and even teachers make use of laptops to teach.
  • Research for projects: today, Google and Wikipedia have made things easy. During those days, encyclopedias were the only option.
  • Handwritten reports: during the 90s, students used to write everything by hand. Today, the student’s report looks like a professional corporate document.
  • Lack of essay writing services: today, in just a click of a button, a student buy essay from an essay writing service, which was not the case back then.
  • The word count: during the 90s, students used to write handwritten reports and then count word for word. Today, if you order a paper online, it will come with the exact words you ordered.


The sphere of education has evolved so much. More students are getting into school, and when they do it, their time there is easy and swift thanks to technology. Therefore, it is that everyone gets a good education to acquire basic life skills.

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